Everyone can be a Real Estate Tycoon

Tycoon is a real estate crowdfunding platform where investors can group-fund deals posted by those looking for capital ("Dealmakers"), for as little as $1000

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Ever found a great deal that you can’t fund on your own?
  • Tycoon allows both real estate companies and individuals bringing deals to our growing community of investors to access additional capital and get deals funded.

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How Real Estate Crowdfunding Works

Investing in real estate with Tycoon is simple. Here are the 4 easy steps:

Why Tycoon?

Whether you are looking to invest or want capital to fund your deals, Tycoon's many benefits include:

For Investors:

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For Dealmakers:

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How real estate crowdfunding works with Tycoon

Tycoon connects real estate investors with deals, allowing groups to crowdfund them and profit.
  • #1 Join & View- Browse our growing list of real estate investments, available for free to the Tycoon community.


  • #2 Analyze & Fund- Choose your investment from our marketplace, then securely transfer funds.

  • #3 Share- Receive incentives for bringing your friends and colleagues into the deal.


  • #4 Track & Profit- Get updates on your investments, watch your portfolio grow and let Tycoon take care of the rest.

Why invest?

Ever want to invest in real estate but find it either too expensive or too risky? Tycoon mitigates many risks and offers investors many benefits like:

Lowering the barriers of investment opportunities typically only available to the rich

The #1 rule of investing is to diversify, but this is tough when each real estate investment costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tycoon makes diversification possible with investments as low as $5000.

Tycoon’s system not only pre-screens investments but leverages our platform features to lower risk and limit personal liability

Tycoon deals offer great returns on investments compared to other investment types in the market

REITs and other real estate investment vehicles disconnect you from the investment. Tangible Tycoon deals provide you with a pride of ownership and direct connection to the property

Besides Tycoon’s past deals, platforms from Kickstarter to Indiegogo show that crowdfunding is a proven way to invest

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Example Investment

764 Faxon Avenue, San Francisco, CA
  • The Investment: Residential single family house “flip,” purchased for $776,000 (appraised with improvements at $1.3mill).
  • The Terms: Debt position (secured, listed on title), minimum $5,000 investment per Tycoon investor.
  • The Partner: Redmond Realty, successfully “fixed and flipped” over 100 properties in SF Bay Area.
  • The Results: Investors received 10% annualized return, property sold at profit for $XXX.

Got a deal?

Ever found a great deal that you can’t fund on your own?
  • To access additional capital and get it funded, Tycoon allows both real estate companies and individuals bringing deals to our growing community of investors.

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What investors are saying about Tycoon

  • ”I strongly recommend Tycoon to anyone looking for an accessible and transparent way to invest in real estate.  With Tycoon I am able to research and invest in specific areas and properties without having to outlay huge amounts of capital or deal with the typical complexity and hassle of real estate transactions and ownership.  Tycoon provides investment opportunities that just aren't available to me anywhere else.”

    - Mark Corey,Investor-

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